Moscow Wine-Brandy Factory KiN

Founded in 1940 Moscow KiN factory dominates at the alcohol market in Russia for the last ten years. The factory produces superb drinks with excellent quality due to wealth of experience handed down from generation to generation, up-to-date and exceptional in Russia equipment, respect to traditions and experts ability to extend beyond usual and common work-flow. In 1998 the KiN factory was the first cognac producer that started to import materials from France and produce traditional cognacs offering completely new product at the Russian market.

Cognac of the KiN factory is a real cognac of high quality that yields the same products from France in its consumer attributes. It perfectly fits for traditions of Russian feasts and matches spending power of native consumer.

KiN Vodka production

Producing vodka of the KiN Group the most modern technologies and old secrets of Russian distillation make a good balance.

All the vodkas are produced from Luxe grain alcohol. Beginning from the stage of grain selecting its production is carefully controlled by vodka masters of our factory. Water is cleaned with filters from ion-exchange resins and coconut charcoal with silver grit that purify it from different salts and contaminating impurities. As a result water is smooth and contains only healthful compounds.

Only natural materials for producing of special aromatic spirits (a product of berries and herbs infusions distilling) are used while special vodkas making. Spirits distillation is performed at a personal alembic using purposely developed technologies. Berries and herbs infusions are also added to special vodkas for particular tones of nose and palate.