Philosophy of the KiN Group

We are leaders of the alcoholic market. It means consumers trust us

We are not afraid of responsibility because we work only with the best professionals, vendors and materials. People we work for are in the focus of our attention. To control all the stages of production is a Law for us.

We respect estimable competitors. We know that it is very difficult to reach our level of quality and production stability. That is why KiN serves as a guide in alcoholic sector that shows the direction and leads the way.

We don't keep up with the fashions, we make it.

KiN is the best wine-making masters. KiN employees are top-ranked experts of the alcohol market. There is good reason for students of the best Russian universities to study and undertake an internship at our enterprises.

KiN is a close-knit team of professionals who love their work to destruction. Each member is a creator, a founder and a composer of the richest palette of aromas and flavors of our drinks. We forge ahead. It is boring for us to do timetabled job. So we outrun the time and always try to introduce new technologies. New compositions of cognacs, spirits and liqueurs are created and degusted meticulously in our rooms on a daily basis.

Don't the taste satisfy us, we work till it becomes perfect.

We announce not in a shy way our product is perfect as the art made by a Master may be perfect since our client deserves the best.

The basic slogan of our company