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Where could you taste fine cognac surrounded by original things of French viticulturists and vintners? What do you think? We bet you thought you had to visit France. Wrong, it’s far easier. We challenge you to become a real gourmet of such a noble beverage after visiting the one and the only museum of cognac history in Russia in Moscow.

The long way of this noble beverage appearing, from a vine and oak casks producing to a mature vatted cognac, is represented in the museum. Guests of the museum may see original tools of viticulturists and hoopers, secret outfit of cognac makers, darkling cognac storage and the gem of the collection is the ancient Charante alembic or a still created in 1990. As if by magic amazing air of the museum and true stories about each piece of the exhibition bring cognac lovers into France, into the magic world of wine-makers whose skills and experience are handed down from generation to generation and shrouded behind a veil of secrecy.

  • Uniqueness: all the displayed museum pieces are authentic collected in Cognac, a French region, a historical home of the beverage.
  • Democratic character: you may hand an original tool of viticulturists and hoopers as well as take photos with it as mementos.
  • Modernity: the museum was built in 2007 and lies in a typical house of French wine-makers. Stylish interior is harmoniously completed by ancient household items and an educational exhibit with most singular things.
  • Cognitive character: in the end of the excursion guests experience tasting art, learn to distinguish flavor and bouquet contrasts of new and mature cognacs, to serve and combine cognac with gastronomic dishes.

You may enter for excursion by phone; please call:

+7 (499) 940-93-51

You should have ID document. Excursion in English should be requested in advance.

Address of the Museum: 67, Leningradskoye shosse (The territory of the JSC Moscow Wine-Brandy Factory KiN)

Site of the Museum: