Know your limit!

Being socially conscious the KiN Group contributes a lot of financial and emotional resources into worthwhile cause, both social and cultural projects for years. It turned a lot of Russian and international projects  promoting art of civilized alcohol drinking and national traditions of a feast into reality. KiN publishes a plenty of educational and tutorial literature, arranges contests and master classes for barmen as well as seminars for restaurant and cafe personnel.

Know your limit. A social project.

A project Know your limit was launched in the beginning of 2009 and dedicated to propaganda of responsible drinking. Sponsored by a brand-name cognac KiNovskiy a new ludo-educative site  and same-name blog  in the Internet. This project is meant for young and active Internet public. The most important message of the project is if you want to know your limit, you need no bans but knowledge. We would like more countrymen, both social institutes and public organizations to join it. We are glad to listen to your suggestions and proposals!